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Worm Fishing Leaders

WormFishingOur neighborhood lake (well…pond might be more accurate) is a good fishing spot. Yesterday, I watched a friend land a five-pound catfish—fun, but he was actually after bass. His way of fishing is with lures, rod-and—reel, casting, moving from one spot to another, etc. It’s more like work.

My way of fishing is worm fishing—a cane pole, bobber, and a few worms. Throw it out there and sit back against a tree while you enjoy a can of _________ (you fill in the blank). When worm fishing, you don’t much care what you catch. Whether a gar, catfish, perch, crappie, or turtle, it is primarily a bother because it interrupts enjoying your can of __________.

Worm fishing is a pastime, not work. There are no professional worm-fishing tournaments. Can you imagine shopping at the PRO CRAPPIE SHOP? (Actually there are some. They are called bait shops: worms, minnows, potato chips and cans of __________.)

So what does worm fishing have to do with leadership? Answer these questions:

  • Are you approaching your leadership role as a pastime or as work?
  • Are you fishing for something specific—like a real vision for the future—or just hoping you’ll get lucky and catch something?
  • If you want to catch a bass, are you fishing in a bass lake or a crappie pond?
  • Are you using the right equipment?
  • Are you not catching anything and wondering why?

Leadership is a job—it’s work—not a pastime. If you aren’t catching anything, get to work! Today!

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