Raising the level of your leadership

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  • "A wise leader knows when it is time to circle the wagons so followers can relax, take a break and feel safe, at least for a while.'"

     Dick Wells, 16 Stones, Chapter 11

  • You Can Only Lead People…

    Leadershipand if you can’t handle that, leadership isn’t for you.

    In chapter 2 of 16 Stones, I talk about five passions that leaders must have if they want to lead effectively. The third is:

    #3—Passion for people. You don’t lead machines, you don’t lead software, and you don’t lead buildings. You lead people. Leading is always about people. So if you are going to lead, you better have passion for people. If you don’t really care much about the people you are trying to lead, they’ll know it and will only follow you kicking and screaming because they have to.

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  • On Leading Well…

    "When you are trying to change employees behavior, you can...change your own thinking and hope this leads to new behavior or change your own behavior and hope this leads to new thinking."

    L. David Marquet, Turn The Ship Around

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