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  • “...if you demonstrate that you are willing to be wrong in the pursuit of finding right—and freely admit it when you are wrong—everyone relaxes and feels free to put themselves out there in that same search.”

    Adam Stelzner, The Right Kind Of Crazy

  • Don’t Make Heros Out Of Arsonists

    HeroDoes your organization make heroes out of arsonists? Probably. Most do. In my experience, it usually happens something like this:

    Tuesday afternoon—telephone in the Operations VP office—ring….ring…ring!

    Operations VP:     “I’m busy. What do you want?”

    Assembly Manager:     “If we don’t get Part # 427bgf109942A by next Monday morning, we are going to have to shut down the assembly line.”

    Operations VP:     “What the #@**><*!@^%!! do you mean! We can’t shut down an assembly line. That will cost us thousands.”

    Assembly Manager:     “We will run out of workarounds on Friday.…

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  • Amazon Reviews: 4.94 Stars!

    “Any leader worth their salt should take this book to heart.”

    “For those that think business and the Bible are an odd pairing, they haven't read 16 Stones.”

    “An excellent leadership book that is enjoyable to read and very applicable to whatever leadership context you might be in.”

    “This is one of the few that really has it all.”

    “This no nonsense text makes leadership accessible to any leader with clear examples, focused calls to action, and biblical examples.”

    16 Stones is used in the Masters Program at both David Lipscomb University and Williamson College

  • On Leading Well…

    “...the tomorrow that you desire and envision may never come to pass if you do not end some things you are doing today.”

    Henry Cloud, Necessary Endings

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