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  • "Great leaders are energized by change. They expect it and embrace it. If you as the leader don't embrace it, don't expect the organization to."

    Dick Wells
    16 Stones, Chapter 2

  • Turning “Always On” Off

    offThe gist of last week’s post was leaders are always on—“whatever you are doing, your followers are listening and watching and in the smartphone age, videoing. There is no such thing as off the record for leaders. Everything is on the record and may well be on the recorder”—accept it and get over it. (You can read the post at Always On.

    Of course, the truth is if you don’t turn off now then, like a light bulb, you’ll burn out.…

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  • Amazon Reviews: 31 of 33 are 5 Stars

    "powerful...a real home run...a must read"

    "the most practical and helpful I have ever read"

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  • On Leading Well…

    "In...a fast-moving, reactive environment, when predictions are likely to be wrong and long-term plans are essentially useless, the goal cannot be to optimize efficiency; rather, it must be to engineer flexibility."

    Your Strategy Needs a Strategy
    bcg perspectives, October 16, 2012


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