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  • "...employees who feel their leaders genuinely care about them as a person and makes the effort to invest in them are far more likely to deliver enhanced service, have a better attitude, and get along with each of their coworkers."

    Loeffler & Church, The Experience, p9

  • Pigeon Poop

    pigeon-in-atticSo how do you get pigeon poop out of your attic? A Wall Street Journal article reported on the futile efforts of the Select Board in a well-known town in Massachusetts (unnamed to protect the guilty). Pigeon poop had piled up in the town hall attic and become a health hazard. The Select Board budgeted $125,000 to clean up the mess, but the lowest contractor bid was more than twice that. A group of citizens volunteered to clean up the mess for nothing, but that idea was nixed by the lawyers (fearing the city would be sued).…

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  • Amazon Reviews: 4.94 Stars!

    “Any leader worth their salt should take this book to heart.”

    “For those that think business and the Bible are an odd pairing, they haven't read 16 Stones.”

    “An excellent leadership book that is enjoyable to read and very applicable to whatever leadership context you might be in.”

    “This is one of the few that really has it all.”

    “This no nonsense text makes leadership accessible to any leader with clear examples, focused calls to action, and biblical examples.”

    16 Stones is used in the Masters Program at both David Lipscomb University and Williamson College

  • On Leading Well…

    "When people aren't clear about priorities, it's because they aren't clear about their purpose."
    Leon Drennan, @CBLR, 4/15/2016

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