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Who Was That?

WaterCooler4x3“Who was that I saw you talking to this morning?”

“Mary, my boss, but she would be upset if I called her a boss.”

“She came to your office to talk?”

“Yes, she always does. And on the way she usually stops to chat with most everyone else.”

“Gosh. That’s nice. My boss—and he is a BOSS—rarely leaves his office. If he wants to talk to me, I get “summoned” to his office like in middle school.”

“Mary is showing up all the time—to help, not harass.”

“What happens when you really need to talk to her?”

“Usually I just wait until she comes around, but if I can’t wait, I head over to her office.”

“You don’t have to call to make an appointment?”

“No, her door is almost always open.”

Two practices of really effective leaders are that they are visible and available. They show up a lot and they respond quickly. “I’m too busy” is seldom heard. If you are too busy for the people who work with and for you, you aren’t doing your most important job which is…leading! “I’m too busy” is not a sign of importance; it’s a sign of incompetence.

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