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Where Do Carrots Come From?


The grocery store? A farm? Grandma’s garden? The refrigerator? Nope. According to the 3-year-old preschoolers I was teaching Sunday morning, carrots come from rabbits. And why should they think otherwise since….

So, you are wondering, how am I going to get a business/leadership post out of an introduction about carrots, rabbits and 3-year-old preschoolers? With three “where” questions:


#1—Where does job security not come from?
#2—Where does job security come from?
#3—Where does job advancement come from?

I can’t answer all three in one post, so today I’ll start with #1.

Job security does not come with a college degree—unless you have a degree that is in demand. Get a degree in philosophy, music, history of religion, etc., and you’ll likely end up working at the mall with a pile of college debt you can’t pay off.

Job security does not come from unions. (Union membership has dropped from 21 million to 14.5 million in the last 35 years.)

Job security does not come from the government. We have the largest government programs in our history. How are they working?

Job security does not come from the company you work for today or the skill set you have today. In a fast changing world, your company better be changing and you better be changing.

Job security does not come from doing your best or working hard. If your hard work and doing your best don’t yield the results your organization needs, well…you know what happens.

I am not trying to discourage you with these “does not come from” truths. However, as long as you cling to them for job security, you are like the 3-year-old who believes carrots come from rabbits.

So where does job security come from? That is next week’s post—stay tuned.

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2 responses to “Where Do Carrots Come From?”

  1. Matt Austin says:

    It doesn’t come from longevity either. Many think they’re entitled to a position simply because they currently have it. Good list, Dick. I look forward to part two.

    • Dick Wells says:

      Thanks, Matt. When I do a workshop, one my statements that creates some unrest is: “Nothing you have ever done for this organization entitles you to permanent status.”

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