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When You’ve Finally Had Enough…

Fired“…taking care of your people does not mean protecting them from the consequences of their own behavior. That’s the path to irresponsibility.” (L. David Marquet, Turn The Ship Around)

When he is late to work two or three times a week…

When she complains about the new software instead of learning how to use it…

When he spends his first two hours on Monday morning talking about football or his golf game…

When she loves to gossip…

When he answers text messages in the middle of meetings…

When she starts packing up to leave 30 minutes before closing…

I wouldn’t use a sticky note, but I know what I would do. What about you?

Jack Welch says, “If you like to fire people, you don’t belong in leadership. But if you are unwilling to fire people, you also don’t belong in leadership.”

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One response to “When You’ve Finally Had Enough…”

  1. Topper Long says:

    I had a guy I took from another division as a “favor” to a member of upper management. He never did a productive day of work in the 5 years he was in the organization. My second biggest mistake was not firing him; my first mistake was taking him in the first place. Sometimes what’s right is not easy and what’s easy isn’t right!

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