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What Do The Movies, Baseball and Coke Have In Common?

FayVincentCompaniesThey are all enjoyable? Yes.

They are all big business? Yes.

They have all been around a long time? Yes.

They all have fans? Yes. (Old westerns, the Braves, and Diet Coke—never Pepsi—for me.)

Okay, there is one more important thing: Fay Vincent was an executive leader in all three industries—CEO of Columbia Pictures, commissioner of Major League Baseball, and executive VP at Coca-Cola.

The February 4th WSJ had an article by Fay Vincent titled “Ten Tips for New Executives.” It is full of leadership wisdom that applies to new executives, old executives, or anybody at any level in leadership.

For example:

#3 Leadership is a full-time job and the duty clock is never off.

#10 Never do or say anything that you would be unhappy to see…on a newspaper front page. (Would your grandmother approve is another good criterion.)

And, always “tell the truth.”

I could ramble on about all of these, but please do yourself a favor, get a copy of the 2/4 WSJ and read the article (page A9) or google Ten Tips For New Executives and click the “online.wsj.com” link. You’ll be glad you did.

By the way, don’t just read it, follow this great advice from an experienced and successful executive. You won’t regret it.

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