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True North Leadership #3 Is…

True North Leadership 3…people are different—so you can’t lead them all the same way..

It is not true that “treating everyone the same” is a successful leadership strategy. People are different—a lot different—and successful and effective leaders recognize this truth and lead accordingly.

For example, most everyone wants praise for good work, but not everyone wants it in public.

Some people bristle when told how to do something; others want a lot of input from the boss and feel abandoned if they don’t get it.

Some people are extroverts; some are introverts.

On the DISC scale, some are high Ds; some are high Cs. Don’t try leading them the same way!

Some are superstars, some are stars, and some are mere mortals who show up and do a good job in the back office, or media room, or nursery, or receiving dock. You can’t lead them all the same way.

The people you are trying to lead are different from you and from each other, so don’t lead them the way you like to be led, and don’t lead them as if they are all clones.

To lead your people effectively, you are going to have to know them. To know them, you are going to have to spend some time with them. And don’t—ever—say you don’t have time. True North Leadership #2 was: you can only lead people. If you don’t have time for people, how on earth can you expect to lead them?

Adapted from chapter 9 of 16 Stones, available in print at 16stonesbook.com, and in E-book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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4 responses to “True North Leadership #3 Is…”

  1. Maurice Painter says:

    Great advice, Dick. I might rephrase your point as you can only lead people you know. I enjoy your blogs. See you Friday.
    Blessings, Maurice.

    • Dick Wells says:

      Thanks, Maurice. Good rephrase-a great lead-in from True North #2 to True North #3. Yes, plan to be there Friday.

  2. Matt Austin says:

    Great reminders, Dick. It’s especially easy to lose track of the personal dynamic when things get hectic. I have to remind myself to take time to ask people how they’re doing, what their weekend was like, how’s their family…etc. It really does matter.

    • Dick Wells says:

      Thanks, Matt. As you know, it doesn’t take much time to connect with people, but nothing is more important. Congrats on your great result last week! Dick

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