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The Beach Boys

Island Fever by The Beach Boys

Do you ever get the feelin’ that you got to get away?
It’s a sympton of the fever all across the USA.
My family doctor told me,
“Son, the flu is what you have.”
But I know it’s island fever and I got it real bad.

Hey girl, I got some good advice: drive your dad mad and make him take you down to paradise.

My daughter, Cathy, gets island fever almost every year. The only cure for her is a week at St. George Island with her family. I get to tag along to play with my three buddies in the surf and to pay the bills…a daddy’s privilege. Here are a few observations and comments from last week’s trip.

The best thing about the beach is the sand on the beach.
The worst thing about the beach is the sand in the house.

Walking 4 miles on sand is like walking 6 on land.

87 degrees on the beach with a 10mph breeze is like heaven.
87 degrees on the beach with no breeze is…for the devil and his angels.

Sand crabs are as ugly as sin. They must be part of THE FALL.

Watching my five year old “beach buddy” catch his first fish—it doesn’t get any better than that.

2 out of 100 women who wear bikinis look good—too good.
98 out of 100 women who wear bikinis look ridiculous and that’s an understatement.
100 out of 100 men wearing a Speedo look worse than ridiculous.

When it rains at the beach, no problem, pull out the Crazee Jumpin’ Beans Race Track featuring:
Barbie Bean (pink)
Stinky Bean (the other beans avoid)
T-Rex Bean (big, slow, ugly)
The King Bean (Elvis, of course, and the winner)

Dinner with friends and fresh gulf shrimp at Harry A’s is a great day at the beach.
The added pounds on the scales is a lousy welcome home.

The best part of the beach is watching Dottie smile at the beach boys and Cathy and Sam as they get an escape from their everyday life.

Speaking of escape…when is the last time you escaped? If you are in leadership, you need it regularly whether it is the beach or the mountains (my favorite) or wherever. And real escape is no email or texts or calls from the office. You aren’t so important that they can’t do without you for a week or so.

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