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Thanks, Jessie

Jessie Garrett was my high school math teacher who asked me, “Where are you going to college?” One year later, I was at Georgia Tech studying Aerospace Engineering. Thanks, Jessie.

John Duhon was my first boss in the aerospace business. He overlooked my “know-it-all” attitude and obnoxious behavior as an engineering intern. Thanks, John.

Jim Rourke let me write a paper and present it at an aerospace conference in only my second year out of college. Thanks, Jim.

Jan Drees chose me to become a project engineer, my first step into real leadership. Thanks, Jan.

Ted Hoffman taught me what I needed to know about customers. Thanks, Ted.

Jack Floyd gave me a lot more freedom than I deserved. Thanks, Jack.

Cliff Kalista gave me my first job in marketing. Thanks, Cliff.

Bob Eggars taught me how to manage a project, delivering almost 500 helicopters in one year. Thanks, Bob.

John Kleban trusted me enough to run finance even though I had never even had an accounting course. Thanks, John.

Bev Dolan was my #1 supporter at the corporate office. Thanks, Bev.

Fred Hubbard recommended me to replace him as president. Thanks, Fred.

Dick, Kurt, Julie, John, Mike, Diane, David, Sandy, Linda and many others all fully supported me as I stumbled around learning how to lead. Thanks, all of you.

Laura and Kyle encouraged me during dark days. Thanks, guys.

Carl Roberts told me that Hard Lessons was exactly what I should do and sponsored the first workshop at his company. Thanks, Carl.

Dottie, my wife of 44 years, took care of the fort while I traveled more than 2 million miles. She raised two wonderful daughters and stood by me and supported me—for better or worse. She was the better part. I was the worse part. Thanks, Dottie, I love you.

God knows me—really knows me—and loves me anyway. Thanks, God.

Whatever success you have enjoyed, you didn’t pull it off by yourself. Take a few minutes this Thursday to remember those who helped you along the way.

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