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One Month In

Today is February 1st—one month in to 2011. January is gone and it wasn’t a great start to the year. My list of things undone is longer than I would like.

Thirty-one days ago, January was the most important month of 2011. But now it’s February. Why? Because February is NOW—it is what I have to work with. I can’t do anything about the misses in January and waiting until March will only make things worse. So now, my whole year hinges on what I do in February.

I have a choice to make. I can throw in the towel for the year, lower my goals for the year, or restart with renewed determination to finish well anyway. What will it be? I have to decide today. If I wait until tomorrow, another day is lost.

Leaders face this kind of choice regularly. And everyone in the organization is watching. Whatever the reason for the misses in January, the leader will set the pace for February. And remember, February is now the most important month of the year.

What will you do? My suggestion: don’t lose a day!

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