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Name Calling Is Good

KnowsYourName?“Does he really know your name?”



“But you’re just a janitor.”

“I know. But he makes me feel like I’m part of the team, too.”

From Gullible’s Travel by Topper Long: On “a good team…. There are no little people nor justa’s as in ‘I’m just a ___________.’ Every person on a good team has a role as important as—but different from—the roles of others.”

Whose job is it to make sure everyone feels important? If you are the leader, it’s your job! Do it!

“As a leader, one of the best ways you can honor and show respect for your followers is to know them by name. It ranks right up there with listening. Want to make the janitor’s day? Walk up and say, “How are you doing, Jim? Thanks for keeping this place so clean.” I guarantee you that Jim will tell his wife, and your workspace will be even cleaner tomorrow. I know that an organization can become so large that it is impossible to know everyone. I’ve been there. I once had 2,000 people working for me. I couldn’t know all their names, but I made an effort to know as many as I could. It was worth it for me, and it will be for you. There are few things you can do that will raise your leadership credibility more than knowing the names of those you are trying to influence and lead.” (Excerpt from 16 Stones, chapter 9)

This is one of the easiest ways to raise your credibility—know the people—even the “justa’s.”

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