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Leaders Need Rebar Too

(Guest post by Carl Roberts, President, SW Business Resources)

Haiti’s devastating earthquake was a wakeup call throughout the world. But what I found interesting and frustrating was that a lot of the damage and destruction could have been avoided. Unfortunately, many buildings in Haiti were built without adequate reinforcement in the concrete walls. Translation: not enough or no rebar. Rebar is the iron rods that strengthens concrete and keeps concrete from crumbling like a cracker when outside forces hit.

We are like those structures. If we don’t have a solid infrastructure that is reinforced with the right character traits, then it becomes difficult to achieve our dreams and goals. Five traits critical to our success are:

Resiliency – Every person I have ever known or read about who has achieved something of importance in their lives has had to be resilient in overcoming obstacles or setbacks. Look around you and identify those in your circle of friends who have demonstrated this trait. Encourage them and learn from them.

Education – Another foundational trait. People who are high achievers and successful are constantly learning and helping others learn. They do this by reading, listening to peers and experts in their field, and electronic media such as CDs, DVDs and the internet. There are more ways for us to learn and glean information than ever before. Use all the resources available and don’t stop learning. It’s been said the books you read and people you know and associate with will impact your life greatly. Believe it.

Belief – Believe in what you do, who you are, and why your goals are worthy. Belief is the catalyst for change. The power of belief will open doors and windows for all types of opportunities.

Attitude – Many of the top motivational writers and speakers talk about the importance of attitude and how it is responsible for 80-90% of a person’s success. It is a lot easier to go through the day with a positive encouraging attitude than one filled with stinkin’ thinkin’. Develop a “can do” attitude. Remind yourself and others that they are fantastic and deserve the best life has to offer.

Reputation – Your integrity is critical in all areas of your life. Do not compromise your values and ethics. Stand for what’s right. By doing this, all your relationships will be stronger and the trust you and others have in each other will skyrocket.

These five traits are but a few that make a person strong and able to weather life’s storms. What are the others in your life?

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