Raising the level of your leadership

Leader’s FICO Score (#2 of 4)

Leaders have a credit score. It is their “credit-ability” which we call credibility. How important is credibility?

“The most essential quality for leadership is…credibility.” — Rick Warren

Since it is the most essential quality (essential meaning we can’t lead without it), we need to know what it is and how we get it.

Credibility is that combination of trust and confidence that convinces people you can successfully lead them into the future. As a result, they voluntarily decide to follow you.

Trust is about the heart. People trust you because they believe that you have their interests at heart, not just your own. The building blocks of trust are integrity, dependability and humility. Trust is hard to gain, easy to lose. Want to raise your Leadership FICO score? Start by building trust. (Leader’s FICO Score #3 will identify ways you can build trust.)

Confidence is about the future. It is people deciding to follow you because they have confidence you can get them to the finish line. The building blocks of confidence are relationships, courage and a track record of successfully leading. People may trust you, but if they don’t have confidence in you they will not follow. (Leader’s FICO Score #4 will identify ways you can build confidence.)

Credibility has to be earned. You do not have credibility just because you are in a position of leadership. People may follow you because they have to, but they will not follow you because they want to until you have a high Leadership FICO score with them.

Decide today: “I am going to raise my Leadership FICO score by building trust and confidence in my leadership.”

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