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Is it Monday already?

Monday - FridayFor leaders…and everyone…Monday always comes…followed by Tuesday…Wednesday…you get the idea. One of the seldom discussed challenges of leadership is its daily-ness ( – required by spell check).

So in addition to all the well discussed challenges of leadership—people, unexpected detours, results to deliver, and vision to cast—there is daily-ness. King Solomon described it this way: “there is nothing new under the sun.”

So when there is not a board meeting to get ready for or a customer presentation to make or a trip to London to look forward to, there is daily-ness.

Is there an anecdote for daily-ness? Not a universal one that works for everyone, but these may help:

  • On the daily-ness days, spend some extra time getting to know your employees/co-workers.
  • Find something to laugh at; yourself would be best.
  • Focus on 2-3 things you are making progress on—celebrate the progress. (If you aren’t making progress on anything, this shouldn’t be a daily-ness day. You should be huddled up working hard to gain momentum.)
  • Be grateful! You have a job! You have the privilege/responsibility to lead the most important things on planet earth—PEOPLE!
  • Exercise. Not much thwarts daily-ness better than turning a bunch of endorphins loose in your body.
  • Remember what is at stake—especially your personal honor in how you lead.

Okay. Your turn. What helps you overcome daily-ness? Leave a comment.

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