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hazmat.suit_1My friend Carl knows he will need to wear a hazmat suit when I call and ask to meet for breakfast…or lunch…or coffee…TOMORROW! All of us—especially leaders—need a Carl to call when we need to throw up, vent, cry, or just generally get it out of our system.

Who makes a great Carl?

Someone who will listen.

Someone who will keep it confidential.

Someone who will ask good questions.

Someone who will tell you hard truth.

Someone who will offer to help.

Carl always comes through for me as he did last Thursday—especially with encouragement and an amazing offer to help. Thanks, Carl!

If you are a leader, you need a Carl. You cannot drag your toxic stuff to the office or church or school or wherever and dump it on your followers. One of my leadership mantras is NO BAD DAYS FOR LEADERS. So before you contaminate your followers, call Carl. If you don’t have a Carl, get one, but you can’t have mine—he’s taken.

By the way, calling your Carl when you have good news and want to laugh together is okay too. You can set up that kind of meeting with “leave the hazmat suit at home.”

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