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Hard Lessons Buzz

How does Hard Lessons compare to other leadership workshops and seminars?
“best ever”—“by far the best”—“most helpful”—“best value”—“tops”—“more practical”—“much more useful”—“totally different”—“most basic and fundamentally sound”—“more centered on real situations”—“less theory, more practical”—“more genuine”

How would you describe the Hard Lessons content?
“original thinking…original format”—“straight forward and to the point”—“great insight”—“simple…yet very important”—“more personable, more real, more applicable”—“appreciate the lack of fluff and flash”—“exceptional”—“unique angle…unique perspective”—“straight forward and real world”—“down to earth. Something you can relate to”—“very clear and concise”—“honest, open and true”

How would you describe the workshop experience?
“exceptionally well communicated”—“interactive…participation encouraged”—“interesting all the way to the end”—“kept me fully engaged”—“moved quickly”—“kept my attention all day long”—“the eight hours flew by”—“ ‘from the heart’ truly comes across”

Anything else?
“left feeling that things will be different and better”—“well worth the investment of both my time and money”—“leave feeling challenged and refreshed”—“feel I can actually use the material in the real world”

  • On Leading Well…

    "The best way to lead people into the future is to connect with them deeply in the present."

    Kouzes & Posner


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