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The Boss’s Favorite

FavoriteIf you want to be the boss’s favorite—and you should—then get there the way my favorites did.

How did they get there? They were all different in terms of their talents and personalities, but they all had these things in common (excerpt from 16 Stones, chapter 4):

“They were trustworthy. They did what they said they would do whether it was a huge project that took months, something simple, or something hard.

They were not high maintenance. I didn’t dread it when they walked into my office. They didn’t expect me to be their counselor or therapist and they didn’t expect me to fix all their problems.

They were focused on the company’s needs, not personal agendas. They knew that promotions would come if they excelled in the job they had rather than worrying about the job they wanted.

They were positive and fun to work with. I looked forward to time with them. They didn’t bring gloominess into the room with them.

They got results. They knew that working hard and being lovable was not the goal. We needed to satisfy customers, deliver profits, motivate and develop employees, and introduce new products.

They told me the truth when I messed up (which was often). There was no sugar coating or walking on egg shells around the boss.

They gained my favor without manipulating, maneuvering, flattering, politicking, or abusing others. They had a simple strategy: be exceptional every day.”

These things worked for KR, RK, JM, DL, JP, DW, LF, SG, LW, and a few others. They’ll work for you too.

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