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Boss is A Four-Letter Word

“Dick, they hate you.”

“Who hates me?”

“The people who work for you hate you.”

That was a tough day. Someone decided to tell me the truth about how I was doing in my first position as a boss. It was the day I learned that boss is a four-letter word. It was the day that I learned that controlling is not leading. It was the day I learned that leadership is a job, not a position. It was the day I began to transition from “me” to “we.” It was one of the hardest days of my life, but one of the most important.

Have you had a day like that? Do you know if you are a boss or a leader?

  • If “authority” is a word you use a lot—you’re a boss.
  • If you believe people work for you, not the organization—you’re a boss.
  • If you control and approve every action and decision—you’re a boss.
  • If you believe you have all the answers—you’re a boss.
  • If you love policies and rules rather than principles and values—you’re a boss.
  • If those same policies and rules don’t apply to you—you’re a boss.
  • If the best and brightest don’t stay long—you’re a boss.
  • If everything comes to a standstill when you’re gone—you’re a boss.
  • If you use budgets as a hammer—you’re a boss.

Don’t trust yourself to answer these questions objectively. Ask someone. If you are as fortunate as I was, they will tell you the truth about yourself. It may hurt, but you need to know because, “Boss is a four-letter word.”

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One response to “Boss is A Four-Letter Word”

  1. Dick Toya says:

    Great “stuff” which my Grandson learned and practiced after studying your “16 Stones”. He is still practicing in his work in “Denver”. His comments to me continue
    “It continues to be true and accurate.”

    Dick Toya

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