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Always “ON”

lightbulbOne of the things that make life—and especially leadership—hard is that we are always on. In every role of life—career, parent, spouse, etc.—someone is watching you. Actually, several or many someones are watching you.

For leaders, the more leadership responsibility you have, the more true always on becomes. Whatever you are doing, your followers are listening and watching and in the smartphone age, videoing. There is no such thing as off the record for leaders. Everything is on the record and may well be on the recorder.

A careless moment may well become the next YouTube hit.

A careless word may well become the next retweet.

A careless lunch may well become the next Facebook rumor.

If you are thinking this is not fair, too bad. It is current reality whether it is fair or not.

Is it exhausting to be always on? Yes. My next post will be how to turn off every now and then.

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